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Who Are We?

Celebrating Accomplishments

Since our beginning in 2000 as a family owned and run business, known as AllStarRewards, we have been helping companies celebrate the success of their customers and employees.  We assist organizations design exciting programs to thank outstanding accomplishments and loyalty with non-cash recognition and reward programs. Our business is helping you promote yours, and we are here to help you succeed.

Loyal Employees

Today, one of the greatest challenges facing companies around the globe is how to fully engage their employees. Gallup studies show less than 23% of U.S. workers are engaged, and only 13% of global employees are engaged. Yet smart executives know that companies with greater engagement realize significantly higher revenues and profitability. 
DLReeve Enterprises helps our clients thank their employees with non-cash recognition and reward programs that help reinforce the organization’s values and actively engage both employees and managers. These programs help create a culture of recognition, reduce turnover and increase both employee and customer loyalty.

Loyal Customers

Many companies spend thousands of dollars to get new customers and add the right people to their business while spending little to keep them. Loyal employees stay with the company longer and get to know their customers better.  Loyal customers tend to be pleased with the value they receive and their satisfaction is a source of pride for the employees.  As Jeffrey Gitomer states "Once you realize that “satisfaction” is the lowest level of acceptable service, you at once understand the power of Loyalty."
DLReeve Enterprises helps our clients develop strong programs that build a lasting and loyal customer base.

Grow your Business

By creating an atmosphere where your employees truly feel they are respected and recognized you will attract high quality talent that will stay with your company for a longer time.  Appreciated employees have a higher level of customer service and lead to a more satisfied customer base.  By rewarding repeat customers for their continued business you retain and grow your customer base at a lower cost.  Join up with DLReeve Enterprises and develop a loyal community to take your business to the next level.

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